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Quality Policy
Al-Hamoda Company works in the field of dairy and food products, it is a private investment company, it provides the local market with 20% of its wide range products. Hence, the company works to reach the full satisfaction of its suppliers, agents, dealers, and consumers. The objective of qualitative products is to gain the full satisfaction of final consumer and achieving his expectations and requirements of his national dairy products, as well...



4 Cups of milk

Quarter cup of Egyptian rice short grain

6 spoons food of sugar

Spoon food of rose water and spoon food of cast water

Vanilla Workshop

1.5 Cup of water

Spoon food of corn flour


Wash the rice and then filtered scalded in 1.5 cup of water even softens. 

Confuses milk with sugar then added gradually to rice boiled and follow cooking for 15 to 20 minutes almost, and added the accurate corn dissolved in 4 tablespoons food of water and follow cooking so condenses content a bit much. unquenchable fire. 

In addition Water roses and water cast and stir rice milk good and poured in dishes individual and leaves by lifter. 

Sprinkle cardamom up dishes rice milk before submission tepid or cool saved after in the refrigerator. 

Note: must continue to move rice milk through cooking spoon wooden. 

by Dr. Radut