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Our Mission

Our Mission is to operate a successful dairy business that will:

  • Provide financial rewards to owners and employees through the competitive marketing of high quality products. 
  • Practice environmental consciousness through "Envirotechnology Farming".
  • Build and maintain strong community relations. 
  • Constantly evaluate ways to increase efficiency, production, and performance of Hamoda Dairy production. 
  • Continue to stay on the cutting edge of the Dairy Industry, utilizing new technologies and innovations to increase efficiency of dairy production. 
  • Building the capacities of  employees and increase their knowledge . 
  • Hire and train professional  employees  and put them in a better  working environment  for  the best of their abilities to help in achieving  the goals set by the top management level . 
  • Provide a healthy and cordial working environment, based on trust and respect between both employees and employers.

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